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12/30 Daily Bears Report: Alamo Aftermath

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I'm sitting on my couch right now watching the beginning of the Armed Forces Bowl, which has BYU and Tulsa playing in Dallas this year, knowing that it can't possibly live up to the offensive display we saw last night from Baylor and Washington. Baylor bookended its season nicely; 2011 started on a Friday night in Waco with a 50-48 shootout against TCU and ended with a 67-56 spectacle in San Antonio. Both games were televised nationally, the former definitely impacting coverage of the latter, and both should be just about all it takes for Art Briles to walk into an offensive recruit's house and know he has a shot with that player.

Now that the season is officially over-- an incredibly depressing thought, to be sure-- we here at ODB are going to be in a transition mode of sorts. Recruiting will take a bigger role in what I intend to do as National Signing Day (February 1) approaches since there will come a day when we should no longer live in 2011 but instead look to the future of Baylor football, which looks as bright as it ever has.

But that day is not today. We can still reasonably take stock of what happened last night and what is likely to happen in the very near future, particularly with regard to whether RG3 will go to the NFL. We can and should celebrate what has been simply an incredible year.

Now for a story unrelated to the Alamo Bowl, word broke last night that Oklahoma State self-reported violations related to a man named Gannon Mendez, who reportedly gave Oklahoma State players impermissible benefits and/or helped them get those benefits. This could end up being a big deal or it could be nothing, we don't know yet. Still a very interesting story.