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12/29 Daily Bears Report: Alamo Bowl Gameday Edition

T-8 hours and counting. The long national wait is almost over; tonight viewers from coast to coast will finally get to see Robert Griffin III and his merry band of Baylor Bears play football once again. It's been a long time since our drubbing of Texas at the beginning of December, and our school has gained its first Heisman Trophy while we waited for this day to come, but I have no doubt that our team will be ready to play tonight against the Washington Huskies in San Antonio. For those that are going to the game, be loud and have a great time flinging your green and gold afar. For those that aren't, you can still fling your green and gold in your living room if you so choose.

Most of today's links are going to be about the game tonight, obviously, but I did find a few about last night's basketball game (which I already talked about a bit immediately after the game ended) and I will post them, too.

Look for a predictions thread to go up this afternoon around 3 so everyone who wants to can weigh in.

And on to the footbawwwwwwwwwwww:

Bill Connelly also posted his preview for the game on the mothership and it should be the one thing you read today if you read nothing else. He likes Baylor to win the game.

Finally, as I posted last night, there has been positive movement lately on the stadium front for Baylor, including a very important meeting of alumni and boosters yesterday on the subject.

That's all the links I have for you today, though, as always, I will update the front page with anything else of import that comes up! Look for a prediction thread later so you can share your thoughts.