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12/28 Daily Bears Report: Late Afternoon Edition

I promise you guys that I fully intend to start getting these things up in the morning again once things settle down a bit in the Moore household.

The big news today is the ranked matchup tonight for the MBB team against Mississippi State in Dallas. Just to prepare you, if you watch the game don't be upset about the lack of fans there, I've heard we shouldn't expect a great crowd from either side. Let's hit the basketball links first since their game is today (and there will be a GDT tonight).

Like I said, look for a GDT tonight for the MBB game. I've got it preloaded and ready to go, so come back to OurDailyBears and let's have a little fun watching the game tonight!

Now on to football, who plays tomorrow night in the most-anticipated game I can remember. I'll throw up a Baylor prediction thread tomorrow to let people weigh in with their opinions.
That's all I have for today. I hope to see everyone in the GDT tonight!