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12/22 Daily Bears Report: Baylor Adds 2 JUCO Transfers...

As I said in the title, the big Baylor football news yesterday was the signing of two JUCO transfers to their transfer papers. Both will enroll for the January term and I would expect that one will definitely start next year (the LB Mackey) while the other will probably provide good depth and be in the rotation at DT (Searcy). Tech made a late run at Mackey as part of their JUCO class of 7 yesterday. That's the biggest midterm JUCO class I've ever heard of.

For those that want a direct link to the good stuff from that article:

8. Baylor Bears - Chris Smith - Forbes
Cost Per Win: $1,619,672
Football Expenses: $15 million
Conference: Big 12
2011 Record: 9-3