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Daily Bears Report 12/21: THE Ohio State = Bulletproof. NCAA = Gutless.

I've been somewhat under the weather the last few days, so I'm sure you've noticed the lack of content. That, my friends, is about to change! Let's get into the links first, though. We'll begin with the biggest next from yesterday in college athletics, the NCAA deciding to slap Ohio State on the wrist rather than actually dole out a meaningful punishment. That the NCAA went so easy on Ohio State after having been so hard on USC demonstrates that the NCAA doesn't really care about enforcement of the rules at all, it cares about pride. Ohio State complied with the NCAA, didn't fight what they were trying to do, and was rewarded for that. USC didn't and was punished. The lesson? Bend over and take your medicine, schools, or the NCAA will make an example of you.

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