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12.20.2011 Daily Bears Report - Baylor, Big 12 and Beyond

Sorry for the late post, everybody. Here's a quick roundup of some of what's out there today...first up, Baylor-centric:

And from around the rest of the Big 12:

  • Dave Sittler: OSU is not rewarding Gundy's loyalty | Tulsa World
  • Wendy N. Powell: College Football Coach Salary Envy

    A close Buckeye friend of mine said, "But look at all of the money that Coach Meyer will bring into Ohio State. He will bring in much more revenue than he makes." But, do coaches bring money into the schools or do they take more than the deserve? Sure, fans will purchase licensed products with a return of rich royalties to the college but they are generally distributed outside of the athletic department budget. And the benefit goes to...?

    I disagree with Wendy, here. I think there's an argument that the distribution of CFB revenues overlooks many of the integral components, but to suggest that the head coach is merely a factor of his surroundings borders on obtuse. While Ohio State would make more money in a losing season than Baylor can in a winning season, it's also pretty easy to see how much a winning season can boost revenue for the athletic department.