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12/17 Daily Bears Report: MBB GameDay at BYU 1:00 PM CST

The big news this weekend relates to our MBB and WBB teams, who play at BYU today and at home vs. Connecticut tomorrow, respectively. Several outlets have the Baylor men as the underdog in their game today given that it is on the road and BYU is the first top-20 team Baylor has played this year according to Kenpom. The women are likely favorites for their game tomorrow versus the second-ranked Lady Huskies, a matchup that is probably as good as it gets for this time of the year. I'm not sure if that will be televised or not, but I will post it in the morning report tomorrow if it is.

The men's game today is on BYUTV, which has online access. I'll post a link.

Fast and furious links incoming...

Something else I wanted to highlight was an interview done yesterday by our friend David Smoak of ESPN1660 in Waco with Gil Brandt, who worked for the Cowboys for three decades and is considered an authority on the NFL draft. It's a long interview so clear some time if you want to listen to it, but he discussed RG3 at length and talked about the types of things he needs to consider during the process. Most importantly, he says that if he were advising the Griffins, he would tell Robert to come back next year. It's definitely worth listening to because Brandt talks about things I never even considered with respect to making that decision. Great stuff.

The interview has two parts, so here are links to the first and the second.

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