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12/16 Daily Bears Report- Let's Talk about Craig James.

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I have a ton of links to provide today because I went about things a little differently to find stories about more than just Baylor. We'll see how it goes.

We're starting today with a few videos that might be of interest...

Now for a little Baylor-centricity...

Then we'll see what people are saying about the upcoming bowl season (and the Alamo Bowl in particular):

And finally the miscellaneous news:

I think I'm going to write something about those last two links tonight when I can actually wrap my head around the story. That Craig James thinks he can actually be a successful politician in Texas is more delusional than the Aggie fans that emailed me last week arguing that their program is already top-10 in the country. (It happened. I'm not kidding.)

Craig James does not have a snowman's chance in Hell at getting elected in Texas. Our always hilarious colleagues over at EveryDayShouldBeSaturday can tell you why.

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