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12/11 Daily Bears Report: Baylor's Best Week Ever

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Last night's incredible news wrapped up what is almost definitely the best week in the history of Baylor athletics. Beginning with the announcement of the BCS standings last Sunday (Baylor rose to a school-high #12) and the subsequent acceptance of an invitation to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, through RGIII's announcement Monday evening as a finalist for the biggest award in college sports, to Baylor's MBB team rising to their highest ranking in school history (#6), the WBB team continuing what has become a season of dominance (ranked #1) again, the announcement that Baylor had sold out its allotment for the Alamo Bowl in under 48 hours (and the subsequent news that the Alamo Bowl is likely to actually sell out completely), the breaking on Friday of an extension between Briles and Baylor, and finally ending last night with Griffin receiving the first Heisman Trophy in Baylor history, this was an unbelievably believable (to borrow RGIII's phrase) set of seven days. This is what people talk about when they say that we are now in the golden age of Baylor athletics. A golden age without a definite end in sight; we can still go up from here.

We're going to talk a lot in the next few months about recruiting, whether RGIII will come back, the bowl game against Washington, and how our team will look next year. Eventually we'll transition to more basketball coverage as that season begins in earnest (with Big XII play starting). I want to make sure, though, that we take stock of where we are now so that we don't forget how it feels to be on top of the world of collegiate athletics. Four months ago we were afraid that we wouldn't have a home at all (and that may still come to pass, realignment waits for no man), and now we're staring a brand-new stadium in the face with a team coached by the new Grant Teaff and helmed (hopefully) by the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. That's pretty incredible.

By the way, did you see the video I posted last night of the celebration on campus? That gave me shivers. That kind of thing didn't happen before RGIII. Not with Baylor football.

I could have copied a million links about RGIII's Heisman win last night, but I thought I'd only share a few. As always, if something huge comes up, post a fanshot or look at the front page and we'll talk about it there.

Below the jump I've posted a video made by Baylor Athletics of the campus reaction to the news last night.

Baylor Football: Fans React to RG3's Heisman Win (via BaylorAthletics)