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The Time Has Come: The Heisman Ceremony Thread

It's go time, ladies and gents. This thread is going up at 6:30 CST for the ceremony beginning at 7:00 CST on ESPN. If you're not a member of OurDailyBears, I've turned the waiting period off so all can enjoy the show together. If you're not a member of SBNation, it's free to sign up and you don't have to give any personal information you don't want to give. If you're not a Baylor fan, I could not care less, come on in and stay a while.

Tonight could be the best night in Baylor athletics history. I'm Jesse Spano excited.

I've put a collection of Robert Griffin's highlights after the jump to keep people tided over until the ceremony starts. The first video is from BaylorAthletics' youtube account and was made today in NYC.

Baylor Football: 30 with the ThIIIrd - Heisman Edition (via BaylorAthletics)

Heisman Finalist: Robert Griffin III (via CBSSports)

Robert Griffin III - Baylor Highlights (via MostricBass)

The Most Interesting Man in College Football: Robert Griffin III (via GameDayESPN)

Heisman Preview: Robert Griffin III (via foxsports)

Baylor Football: Robert Griffin III Highlight Reel (via BaylorAthletics)

BAYLOR vs. OU HIGHLIGHTS (2011) (via DAK3Productions)