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A&M finds it's man: UH Head Coach Kevin Sumlin

As reported here. There are no details on the contract yet, but here is my initial reaction:

  • This will probably be good for recruiting. Avoiding the touchy and complicated race issue, the offensive talent that Sherman proved so good at recruiting seems likely to approve of hiring of Sumlin over a more conservative offensive mind.
  • I think Sumlin's previous experience as an assistant coach at A&M should help.
  • I am not at all convinced that the type of offense that was run at UH will work in the SEC, assuming 'work' means win an SEC (division) championship. Even if that type of offense could work, I'm not sure that Sumlin has the mastery of it and the ability to innovate and adapt to make it work. Perhaps he does, but I have more faith in Art Briles in this regard than Kevin Sumlin.
  • I'm just not sure that Sumlin is that much of an upgrade over Sherman. And it's going to cost a lot to make this move. And it's certainly not any of the big name candidates that were being bandied about like Boise Stat's Chris Petersen or Georgia's Mark Richt.

So what say you, Bears? Does this hiring scare you? And you lurking Aggies, are you happy with this move?