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ODB's 2011 Ball So Hard University Football Team - Now Accepting Applications

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Attention! Attention!

Hustlers, Ballers, Playas, Pimps

Freak Athletes, Self-named Stars,

Players with SWAGGER

And, most importantly, all of their most fervent fans,

Your time has arrived. ODB is now officially accepting applications for the 2011 Ball So Hard University Football Team. What does a graduate from Ball So Hard University look like? More after the jump...if you dare.

A few weeks ago on Monday Night Football, Terrell Suggs introduced himself as "Sizzle" from Ball So Hard University.

Here at ODB, we could only help but wonder...what would this year's team look like? There are a few guys who came to mind immediately, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to stump for their favorite candidate(s). Please note that certain positions are more competitive than others when picking your nominees, so it may make more sense to campaign for that underrated guard who reportedly head butts the statue of the school mascot before every game as opposed to more crowded fields like RB and WR.

So what makes somebody a candidate for the 2011 Ball So Hard University (BSHU) Team? This isn't merely about players with the best statistics or who will go on to be the best professional players [though that will be factored in]. This is to find the most entertaining, astounding, and incredible players in college football this year. We're not looking for the quiet, professional linebacker or safety who quietly notches 8 solo tackles a game and gives nondescript interviews afterward. We're looking for the guy who will talk trash, back it up, and then laugh in your face.

We're looking for the guy who nobody else in the conference wants to play, but they're all proud to be in the conference with him. We're looking for guys who make plays that make you wonder if they are even of the same species as the rest of us watching.

Mark, Therm, and I will decide who makes the final cut, but we're more than willing to consider all arguments for and against the best BSHU candidates in college football this year. If you still can't figure out what it is that we're looking for,'s this: