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Welcome to Our Daily Bears!


Rather than just slink right in to standard SBNation operations, I have been told that it is appropriate to post a welcome message to acquaint the fledgling community and the larger SBNation populace with both myself specifically and generally.

As you can tell from the name at the end of this post, my name is Mark Moore. I am a father of two (so far), a lawyer by trade, and a graduate of Baylor University in 2007 (economics and history) and SMU Law in 2010. I am a passionate follower of Baylor football (yes, we exist) and Baylor basketball, and a first-generation Baylor Bear.

My experience with SBNation began at the SBN site for the Texas Rangers,, an outstanding community of fans where discussion ranges from the minutiae of sabermetrics to the proper ranking of situation comedies. It is an incredibly diverse group of fans from just about every corner of the globe that generally share one thing: they love the Texas Rangers.

That is what I hope to create here for Baylor University-- a place where Baylor fans can come together to celebrate (and commiserate, the latter being more prevalent in our history), discuss, and hopefully learn about Baylor University and its athletics. The content posted here will focus mainly on Baylor and her athletic programs, but we will also venture into college athletics at large and other aspects of our University and others. That means we will discuss CFB realignment, the Penn State scandal, the upcoming basketball season, Pigskin Review, and everything in between. Though OurDailyBears is a site built and run by Baylor fans for Baylor fans, all are welcome.

I don't plan on enumerating specific rules for content, comments, or the actions of OurDailyBears' members. If it becomes necessary, however, or the community asks me to do so, then I will. Until that point, I believe the SBNation guidelines that all agree to upon joining any SBNation blog will suffice along with one general statement: You will treat each other amicably, reasonably, and respectfully on this blog or you will not be a member of this blog. I reserve the right to ban anyone for anything at any time, but mine will be a judicious hand; it doesn't help me or my partners in this endeavor meet our goal of making this the premier place for fans of Baylor Athletics if I am banning people left and right. I understand that arguments and heated conversations will happen. College athletics in particular bring out the best and worst in people. We want passionate people here discussing the things about which they are passionate! Trolling, on the other hand, though inevitable and unavoidable, will absolutely get you banned.

Speaking of partners, when I first approached SBNation with the idea for this site, I was told that there were already multiple other individuals, Baylor fans all, who had expressed interest in contributing. To the best of my ability, I have sought out and enlisted anyone and everyone I could to help me provide interesting and thoughtful content for ODB's membership. If you or someone you know wants to help going forward, please let me know and we can go from there. The contributors already lined up are visible at the bottom of the front page, and if they so wish, they can introduce themselves in more detail in this thread.

If you have any questions about ODB or what we plan for it to be, please do not hesitate to ask. You can either post in this thread or email me, I don't care either way.

I'll probably post another thread soon outlining our plan for specific content. A schedule of sorts so people can know what to expect. In the meantime, once again I welcome you to