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11/28 Daily Bears Report- The Week to Come

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We have finally reached the penultimate week of Baylor's season.  With a bowl yet to be played, this will not be Baylor's final game of 2011, but it will be the last chance that Baylor has to compete against its brethren in the Big XII and demonstrate how far it has come this year in this conference.  The opponent is our old friend Texas, cause of and solution to much of the conference instability that has so greatly vexed Baylor's fans this season.  Texas, the school that thinks it has everything and needs no one.  Texas, the school that considers itself the undisputed King of football in our state.  Texas, the #22-ranked team in the latest BCS, sitting at 7-4 on the season before coming to Waco on Saturday.

To say that this game will be big for both teams is to take understatement to ridiculous new heights.  Texas wants to show that its win over A&M was no fluke and that its resurgent defense will lead the way for the team going forward.  How better to do that than to shut down one of, if not the, nation's best offenses?  Baylor wants to establish a new high-water mark for Big XII wins in a season (after setting a new record this past weekend), keep its hopes for a 10-win season alive, and propel RGIII from Heisman candidate into possible Heisman favorite.  Baylor's players and coaches have to know that the only reason last week, the week before that, and the week before that mean anything is so that this week means something.  Finishing strong before the bowl is and always will be the goal.

Given that the Heisman votes are due next week following this weekend's slate of games, we here at ODB will be focusing daily on the Heisman race and RGIII's place within it.  Call it homerism if you want, but we believe that RGIII belongs in NYC for the Heisman presentation and that he has as strong a case as any that he should actually win the award.  We hope to provide an argument for why he should do exactly that. 

Now on to the links, which are going to be relatively light today.  I'll post anything worthwhile that happens throughout the day via fanshot.