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11/24 Daily Bears Report- Happy Thanksgiving!

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I'm actually setting this up to post automatically, so there may be a few things I miss, but I'm going to post everything I can find as of this moment. 

Because Prashanth did it yesterday, I'm going to lead off today with a video 

Fast Turkey Documentary (via SafewayInc)


And off we go to the links:

  • The holiday kept us from covering them as much the last two days, but the #9-ranked Baylor Bears played games Tuesday and Wednesday in Waco, winning both against South Carolina State and the University of Texas at Arlington, respectively.  The game recaps are available here and here.  Freshman Quincy Miller continues to lead the team in scoring during Perry Jones' absence, the last game of which was played tonight, and Cory Jefferson is proving himself not to be a flash in the pan on defense and in the paint.  Anthony Jones has also stepped up to provide consistent scoring for the Bears in PJIII's absence.
  • The #1-ranked Lady Bears continued their run of dominance with a 50-point victory over Yale Tuesday night.  As expected, Brittney Griner led the way for the Lady Bears, who actually allowed Yale to keep the game close for the first fifteen minutes before putting the game away with a 20-0 run. 
  • Staying on the basketball theme for a moment, Baylor has agreed to join the field of the 2013 Maui Invitational, so if you're in Hawaii about two years from now, you can go watch.  Not sure why you would because there are probably better things to do in Hawaii, but still. 
  • ESPN's Scouting, Inc. published a full scouting report of RGIII as an NFL QB behind the Insider wall.  So subscribers should take a look and let the rest of us know how awesome they think he is!
  • I ran across a statistic tonight worth noting: if the season ended today, Robert Griffin III would have the second-highest passing efficiency rating in the history of NCAA football.  First would be Russell Wilson of Wisconsin, who will probably set the mark this season unless he throws 3 interceptions in his last 2 games.  
  • Wes Bunting of opens himself up for criticism by comparing RGIII to Matt Barkleyof USC in terms of how they stand as pro prospects.  These two are most likely battling to be the second QB taken behind Andrew Luck if RGIII declares for the draft, so it's an interesting topic.  I think youj'll like who he says is better. 
  • I know we give RGIII a lot of press here and rightly so, but I want to make sure another integral piece of Baylor's team this year gets his due.  Kendall Wright, senior WR, took the lead in receiving yards in the Big XII with his effort in the OU game, and the Bradenton Herald talks a little bit about the impact he's having as RGIII's favorite target. 
  • In future Big XII team news, West Virginia has wasted no time placing Big XII logos on their basketball practice court.  I tweeted tonight that this is like someone getting engaged again before their divorce is final because it is far from guaranteed they play in the Big XII in any sport before 2014.  I think they will because the issue will come down to money, but still.  A bit presumptuous. 
  • In future Big XII news, the conference has decided to split the men's and women's basketball tournamentsin the future by moving the women's tournament out of Kansas City in 2013.  The tournament will now rotate between Dallas and OKC each year.  Just guessing here, but I think this is just the predicate to moving the men's tournament out of Kansas City now that Missouri has announced it is leaving the conference.  You reap what you sow, Missouri. 
  • Speaking of Missouri, the Columbia Missourian analyzes the bowl scenarios for the Big XII should things work out as expected.  Those unfamiliar with our conference's bowl tie-ins should take a look to see the hierarchy. 
  • If the BCS scenarios are puzzling you, the LA Times has a description of many of the possible permutationsand their predictions for how things will turn out. 
  • If you don't have tickets already, the Baylor ticket office has closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, but thousands of tickets for the game against Tech this weekend remain available through Ticketmaster and other sources like Stubhub.  This could be the last chance for Baylor fans to see RGIII play at Cowboy's Stadium wearing the green and gold, so I hope everyone who can afford it shows up to cheer him and the rest of the #18 Baylor Bears on Saturday night.
  • I'm getting somewhat tired of the topic, to be honest, but I'm interested in hearing what people on this side of things think about the Texas-A&M series ending for the foreseeable future.  We had a pretty vicious debate about who is at fault today on, and things developed pretty much as you would expect with each group backing their side.  What say you, Baylor fans?  Should the games continue? If not, whose fault is it that the schools have parted ways? 
  • On that same topic, I don't plan to cover much about that game, but it's somewhat hilarious to me that UT apparently still doesn't have a QB, and A&M might not have a running back if Cyrus Gray doesn't play. 
  • UPDATE: In case you didn't see it, ESPN is airing a replay of the Baylor-OU game as we speak!  Watch it!

That's all I've got this morning until I update later in the day.  I'm not sure if the guys are going to do it, so I'm going to go ahead and put together a preview of the Baylor-Tech game coming up on Saturday.  Look for that preview sometime tonight after I look at the statistics.  I'll also post any other previews/predictions I can find about the game.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving from ODB!