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Baylor vs. OU Prediction Thread

By now hopefully you've read the excellent previews done by thermhere and Prashanth on this site, as well as those that I've linked from the Crimson and Cream Machine (OU SBNation site joke about Jerry Sandusky removed), so I'm curious how the community (or any passersby, considering our community is still relatively small) believe this game will go.

Post your prediction for the score, RGIII's passing yards, Ganaway's rushing yards, or anything else you might want to consider.  I've got Art Briles wearing green as a heavy favorite on the books.

I'm curious to see if people believe Baylor truly has a chance, has more than just a chance, or will get blown out by the invaders from the North.  Post your thoughts and defend them or just post your thoughts and be a wanker.  I don't care.  But post your thoughts.

I'll say that I think this game is going to be closer than some think but still a Baylor loss.  I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 41-28 or so.  OU simply has too many athletes on defense for the Baylor offense to get rolling and Baylor's defense will be unable to stop Landry Jones and the OU offense. 

Robert Griffin III throws for 345 yards and 3 TDs, but the running game doesn't get going and we have a hard time scoring in the red zone.  Just my thoughts.