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Tempo Free Recap - Baylor vs. San Diego State

Final score: Baylor Bears 77 San Diego St. Aztecs 67



Baylor Bears San Diego St. Aztecs
Tempo 72 73
Raw Offensive Efficiency 106.9 91.8
Raw Defensive Efficiency 91.8 106.9


Baylor Offense San Diego St. Offense
Raw Efficiency 106.9 91.8
eFG% 63.5% 49.2%
TO% 29.2% 28.8%
OR% 33.3% 33.3%
FT Rate 46.2 33.4


1. Baylor shot the ball well from 3 (52.9% on 17 tries); San Diego State did not (33.3% on 24 tries), ergo, Baylor had a much higher effective Field Goal % than SDSU. Interestingly, on 2 point baskets SDSU outshot Baylor 52% to 42.8%.

2. Neither team did a good job taking care of the ball; if you watched the game, that was obvious.

3. SDSU had pretty serious issues with fouls in the second half and Baylor went to the stripe a bunch as a result.