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Combo MBB and WBB Home Openers Game Day Thread!

Bears Basketball Schedule

(SBNation doesn't have widgets like this for the Women's games. I'll see what I can put together in the future for them!)

Tonight marks the first home games for Baylor's Men's and Women's basketball teams, who are ranked #12 and #1 in all the land, respectively. has prepared a detailed pregame article covering the Men's game tonight against Texas Southern, as well as one for the Women's game against the Fightin' Bison of Howard. The Women's game is the first in the preseason WNIT Tournament, which Baylor is favored to win. You should definitely check them out for more information on the matchups tonight as well as the upcoming seasons for both teams. Much is expected of both programs, and we at ODB will do our best to give both proper attention!

I'm still working on figuring out how best to do these GDTs, so you'll have to bear with me for a while until I get this thing sorted out.