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The Most Schizophrenic Team in College Football

7th in points scored per game. 100th in points allowed per game.

3rd in yards per game.  98th in yards allowed per game.

8th in passing yards per game.  82nd in passing yards allowed per game.

22nd in rushing yards per game.  91st in rushing yards allowed per game.


Perhaps these numbers are skewed from playing mostly decent to good teams?  That seems like a hopeful thought; let's take a look at what some of college football advanced statistics say after the jump


Football Outsiders has two sets of stats for college football - FEI and S&P.

Baylor Overall rank | Offensive Rank | Defensive Rank | Special Teams Rank
FEI: 41st | 2nd | 104th | 112th
S&P: 20th | 4th | 71st | NA

Admittedly, the stats are going to look worse after only part of the season and that A&M game weighing heavier…but this is why I was skeptical that Bennett could turn the defense into an average defense this year. Baylor’s defense is virtually the same as last year (though, admittedly, with younger/lesser talent), but their offense has gone from a Top 25 offense to a Top 5 offense.

I don’t begrudge Bennett here, it’s a tall task. The thing that really, really gets me is the Special Teams.