Waco News and Notes

Bringing West to Waco

Baylor announced this afternoon that residents of West, Texas, the site of the fertilizer plant explosion in April that killed 15 people, can attend the October 5, 2013 game against West Virginia for free. First responders are also invited.

Details about GhettoHEB closing and MegaHEB opening

People were asking me about this on twitter because of the hashtag #RIPGhettoHEB. So here it is. And another, more recent article.

Waco Riverside Development clears first hurdle

The potential pitfalls facing the plan to revitalize Waco's downtown and transform the Brazos riverside area are still legion, but things are at least moving in the right direction for now.

Brazos Riverfront Development Animation

This video started making the rounds today in a weird format you had to download, so I uploaded it to Youtube for all to see. Share it far and wide!

Video of proposed Brazos Commons development

Getting pretty tough keeping my excitement under wraps, you guys.

Waco releases details of $180 million proposal

I'm trying not to get too excited about this one since similar projects pop up every few years, never to be heard from again after the initial hubbub dies down and the people involved fail to get the funding they need. But I'm failing.

HELP WEST: BU alum Phil Taylor fund-raises

You want to help? You want a dope T-shirt? Boy, have I got a deal for you!

Remember Where You Were

A lot has happened in my freshman year. Way more events than I expected to see in four years much less one.

West, TX Memorial Open Thread

Today's memorial for the first responders to the tragedy in West, Texas last week will begin in moments.

The Purpose of Today

In just a few short hours, Baylor and Waco will welcome numerous dignitaries, including President Barack Obama, to campus for the memorial services in the Ferrell Center. How we as a community act will speak volumes. Be excellent.


4.20.2013 Weekend Update

A lot on the plate this Saturday morning, so let's dive right in. We'll kick off with strictly Baylor news before moving to the latest from West.


First, the newest links. The Texas Rangers will be holding a donation drive during this weekend's series against the Mariners for the families in West, and will host a blood drive before Sunday's...

UPDATED: Help for West

Information, news, and links for how you can help those affected by the explosion tonight in West, Texas, about 20 miles north of Waco and Baylor University.

Explosion in West, Texas

The small town just north of Waco on IH-35 known mostly for its kolaches may be known for something else tonight, as reports are coming in from twitter that an explosion has taken place at a fertilizer plant there. Damage estimates so far can only b

Balcones Distillery expanding Waco operations

Hopefully, posting this news here won't offend anyone, as I am not advocating for lewd or lascivious behavior of any kind. I just like their whiskey.

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