8.28.2013 Daily Bears Reports: Wofford's Rebuilt Secondary, MBB's Huge Weekend...


A bit of news that has flown under the radar recently is the HUGE recruiting weekend coming up for Baylor MBB with two of the top 5 players in the country visiting Waco.

First and foremost, we recorded the third episode of OurDailyPodcast last night with a very special guest, BearsTruth.com's Brian Ethridge.  Because of a few technical difficulties early in the podcast and the fact that we do not, as of now, have any ability to stop ourselves from talking Baylor Football, it ran very long.  I'm talking almost 2 hours long.  Hopefully Peter can bring that down a bit in post-production, but that's just a warning.


The tarp jokes on twitter have already begun, as we should have expected they would when we bought the damn thing in the first place.

There's what I was talking about.  Jahlil Okafor, the #1 center recruit in the country for 2014, and Tyus Jones, the #2 PG, are visiting Baylor officially this weekend.  Most people seem to think the pair will be Duke-bound when the time comes, but if Baylor can make a big impact this weekend...

PETTY HAS A LOT TO PROVE (ESPN.com) -- This is from Max Olson, a noted Texas fanboy.  You can tell it kills him that people are giving Bryce Petty more love than David Ash.


BIG 12 FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT (ESPN.com) -- Pretty cool concept.  Baylor is well-represented with Petty, Lache Seastrunk, Glasco Martin, Corey Coleman, Tevin Reese, and Robbie Rhodes all getting drafted on the three teams.

CAMPBU DEVELOPMENTS WORTHY OF NOTE (WacoTrib) -- I can't recall if I linked this before.

BAYLOR'S SPEED WOFFORD'S PRIMARY WORRY (WacoTrib) -- I'd say our size should also be a little troublesome, personally.

WOFFORD REBUILDING A SECONDARY FOR BIG TEST AT BAYLOR (GoUpState.com) -- Yeah, that should work out well.

SPEAKING OF WOFFORD, WE PLAY THEM THIS WEEKEND (GoUpState.com) -- That teaser didn't actually have much to do with the article, but it's still true.

FINAL F/+ PROJECTIONS FROM FOOTBALLOUTSIDERS (FootballStudyHall) -- They don't love us.  They love Texas, but they don't love us.

CONSENSUS PRESEASON TOP 25 HAS BAYLOR IN IT (SBNation) -- The gurus at SB Nation combined every notable Preseason Top 25 yet released and came up with a consensus ranking.  Baylor checks it at #24.

SPORTINGNEWS FIRST-AND-10 TO GET YOU EXCITED FOR FOOTBALL (SportingNews.com) -- Baylor is in this a bit, too.

I'm going to go ahead and bookmark this .gif in case something awful happens on Saturday.


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