12.14.2013 Saturday DBR / Open Thread

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So we've reached the first post-season Saturday of the year. I promise we can make it together.

In case you live under a rock and/or just don't pay attention at all, a lot happened last night of which you should probably be aware.  First and foremost, Nick Saban signed a new extension at Alabama that will pay him something like $7 million a season.  That means he'll get roughly a million dollars for every conference win, should he do well.  UT fans, after being told for weeks they were hot in pursuit of Saban, found out about that as everyone else did, then had to face down the prospect of far-from-beloved coach Mack Brown staying another year.  It was delicious.  Read this twitter search about Chip Brown (the OB reporter, not the abusive rapper) if you don't believe me.   We heard everything possible about this story last night from the UT faithful, including that UT chose Brown over Saban but could have totally had him (yeah, right), Brown pushed off his decision intentionally to spite Texas, Chip Brown, and/or Saban, and my personal favorite: Saban could still come and this isn't really an impediment at all because WE'RE TEXAS.

Saban isn't coming.  Brown may still resign, nobody has any idea on that, but I do find it hilarious that people still take at face value speculation about this situation stemming from those same reporters/sources who have proven themselves to be wrong!  All this stuff about Harbaugh, Jimbo Fisher, Mike Tomlin, it all comes from the same ridiculous places!  It's incredible to watch.  It really is.


Not much out there about Baylor because we don't play for almost 3 weeks.  But there is football today, and it should be recognized because of the ultimate rivalry.

Nick Saban signing Alabama contract reportedly worth $7 million per year - SBNation.com
No Texas for Nick Saban. Alabama's announced he's signing a multi-year deal.

Mack Brown coming back at Texas, Nick Saban signing extension? - Burnt Orange Nation
During the football banquet for the Texas Longhorns, the shocking part of the evening didn't take place in the Erwin Center, but rather on Twitter as huge news broke.

Nick Saban's out, but Mack Brown's future with Texas Longhorns muddled - ESPN
AUSTIN, Texas -- Mack Brown has not yet said he’s coming back. But we at least know he has survived his biggest challenger in the saga surround

2013 Army-Navy Game preview: Can the Black Knights overcome for Ellerson? - SBNation.com
Army will try to avoid its 12th straight loss to Navy on Saturday in Philadelphia. Can Rich Ellerson's Black Knights get the breaks that have eluded them in recent games and take advantage of a giving Navy defense?

Saturday college football: Army-Navy, FCS playoffs and more - SBNation.com
It's the last regular-season Saturday of the 2013 college football season -- at the FBS level, that is, where the biggest rivalry of them all sends us off. Elsewhere, playoff games abound.

NCAA College Basketball RPI Team Comparison - CBSSports.com
NCAA college basketball coverage at CBSSports.com. Stay up to date with the latest in college basketball recruiting news. CBSSports.com is your college basketball scores and news source.

I just posted this because we come up on the page as one of the default two teams.  Awesome job, MBB!

Big 12 mailbag - ESPN
In today's mailbag, we discuss TCU's new offensive coordinator, bowl matchups and the 2014 season.



Apparently, a news station in San Antonio took this as a real quote and sourced me on it for their 10 PM broadcast.  That's what I was told on twitter.

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