Correction: 5* SG Isaac Hamilton still considering Baylor after all...

Jamie Squire

I have no idea what just happened.

According to an interview with's Eric Bossi, 5* 2013 SG Isaac Hamilton has cut the Baylor Bears from contention for his services, listing UNLV, UTEP, UCLA, and SDSU as his final four. This contradicts a different report saying Baylor, UTEP, and UNLV were his final three, but Bossi is certainly respected in the industry and he quotes Hamilton directly. I have to believe what he is reporting is true.

This is a big blow to Baylor's 2013 recruiting hopes, since Hamilton was the only 5* player remaining in play for the Bears to date. I'm not sure where they will go from here since they had believed Hamilton was still firmly on the table. If he remains unsigned into the spring, it's still possible that Baylor jumps back into the mix. This recruitment has been strange enough that nothing would surprise me. I wouldn't count on it, however, given the names in the mix and the reported preference of Hamilton's mother that he and his brother Daniel (2014) remain closer to home than their older brother Jordan (UT) did.

I'll look around to see what our backup plans may be on this spot. We need a shooter in this class since we didn't take one in 2012, and it may be that we look to the transfer route to fill that hole.

UPDATE: I'm going to keep the text of the original post so people have some idea what happened here. Apparently the Bossi article as it was posted originally was incorrect and omitted Baylor wrongly. If you click on it now, Baylor is listed as a member of the final 5 for Hamilton and there is a Baylor blurb with the other schools below. That wasn't there before. Here's what he says about Baylor.

Baylor: I like Baylor because coach Scott Drew is a great coach and person. When I took my visit with me being a Christian it was a plus for me and my family. The coaching staff and players made me feel welcomed.

Like I said, that blurb wasn't in the article when I wrote this post, and I have no idea why. Bossi quoted Hamilton as saying he had only the four schools I listed above left in contention. That quote now includes Baylor. Was the original quote wrong? Was it a mistake? What happened here?

I don't know, but apparently Baylor is still a player, so that's good.

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