Baylor Football Uniforms

2014 Baylor Football Helmets revealed?


.@ESPNCFB do we have to pick just one? #SicEm

— Baylor Football (@BUFootball) June 5, 2014

The interlocking BU looks larger for these when compared to last season's versions of the helmet. Or am I so news-starved that I'm seeing things?

Baylor releases images of throwback unis for UT


Jeff Barlow, the Baylor Equipment maestro, finally put the intrigue to rest about what the Bears will wear this weekend in the final game in Floyd Casey Stadium history.

Baylor Uniforms vs. Oklahoma State


Baylor busting out the black-white-black combo.

Chrome Gold Helmets vs. West Virginia?


I'd bet almost anything on it. I've been saying for a while that you'll see chrome gold, black, and black. Boom!

Good looks: Breaking down new NFL, NCAA uniforms


Um, a CHROME GOLD HELMET? I want. I want to wear it out to dinner. It looks like the golden eggs the Oompa Loompas were polishing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and those eggs were FANCY! So yes, this fancy uniform catches my eye, and hopefully catches the sun rays reflecting them into the eyes of the opposing team, temporarily blinding them during every touchdown. THAT IS THE GOAL.

USAToday likes the gold helmets, you guys.

Matte black helmets look superclean.


Baylor's New Golden Dome "Looks Like Winning"

Ahmad Dixon receives some entertaining feedback on Baylor Football's new Golden Chrome Helmets.

Big 12 Media Days Open Thread

Baylor's Art Briles takes the podium officially in about an hour after Bob Stoops and company vacate back to their nuclear bunkers in Oklahoma. There are also other things going on that are of...

More Baylor Uniform Pics/Combos


Baylor Football's twitter account is tweeting out pictures every thirty minutes of the uniform combos for this coming season. If you don't like uniform talk, this is not the place for you!


VIDEO: Behind the New Nike Uniforms

Tune in to Baylor Equipment Czar Jeff Barlow as he discusses the creative process that went into the design of the best new uniforms college football has probably ever seen.


Uniform Hype Videos get me hyped.

Seriously, if this video doesn't get you excited for the 2013 Baylor Football Season, I don't know what will.



I wonder if the shiny gold facemask will end up on this one, since it is also shiny, and the new gold facemasks will go on the others? Probably.

Gold helmets, meet gold facemasks.


Baylor debuts all-new Nike Elite uniforms


I'm guessing responses to this one are going to be decidedly mixed, but I don't care. I'm a shameless new uniform whore. I don't deny it.

Weekend Update with MCM: 1/20 Edition

Helmets aside, yesterday was a pretty good day for Baylor Athletics, as both basketball teams rolled, albeit in games of dramatically different import. Turns out OurDailyBears had a pretty good...

Recruits react to new helmets-- 247Sports


And now you're seeing at least part of the reason to do this in the first place: recruits love it.

New Baylor Helmet Poll


All are welcome to cast votes here, even non-Baylor fans, because I want as many takes on this as possible. The question-- do you like the helmet designs Baylor unveiled today in the first place,...

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