Baylor Bears vs. WVU Mountaineers Prediction Thread

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

It's time to put it all on the line and have your predictions heard. We're 23 hours away from kickoff; how are you feeling?

Ok, you've seen everything we have to offer you by way of analysis for tomorrow's game, but here's a recap:

-- We started the week, as we always do, with the Game Day for WVU showing general information, television listings, and the like.
-- That warmed us up for a look at at the Mountaineers' five most important offensive playmakers and their incredible potential.
-- Next,
I took you series by series through WVU's first half (and part of the second) against Maryland to figure out how the Terps limited them as they did. That led into this week's two game previews, from the offensive (WVU O vs. Baylor D) and defensive (Baylor O vs. WVU D) sides, focusing on WVU's schemes and what we can do against them.
-- Then, last night before we all went to bed, Colby crafted a defensive plan for Baylor to rein in the Mountaineers. Whether we have the horses to pull it off is an open question, but the plan is there.
--Finally, Prashanth wrote up an outstanding recap of our offensive gameplan against ULM this morning to see what we might learn going into tomorrow.

Later today I'll post the video preview from, but to be truthful, there's not a lot to learn from it. You have everything you need here (though I will continue to collect links on the Baylor vs. WVU game hub), so it's time to go on record. Make your predictions in the poll below and the comments beneath that.

As for me, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm predicting a loss for our beloved Bears this weekend in Morgantown. Our defense won't be able to stop WVU's offense enough to give our own a chance, and our slow start will dig too great a hole. Nick Florence silences the haters by playing extremely well, but it isn't enough, and Geno Smith continues his march to the Heisman. We won't get the +2 turnover margin we need.

Prediction: West Virginia 48, Baylor 38.

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