Bear Market: Baylor Dominates Buffalo, 70-13

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I like fun? Do you like fun? That was FUN!

Final - 9.7.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Buffalo Bulls 13 0 0 0 13
Baylor Bears 28 28 7 7 70

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Perhaps that wasn't a technically perfect performance across the board, but that was as intimidating a performance as we've seen around Baylor for quite some time. While adjusting for opponent is important, Buffalo is the same team that just lost at Ohio State 40-20 and had a coming out party for their potential first round pick, Khalil Mack. Today, they proved their head coach's concerns to be completely warranted - they could simply not keep up with Baylor's speed. Despite pulling out all of their tricks - from an opening drive flea flicker to a backwards hand-off draw play - it rapidly became evident that they would not be able to match Baylor's speed on offense today.

And what speed it was! I have consistently contended that Baylor's offense was on of the best in the country this side of Eugene. Despite finishing in the top 5 nationally in scoring points in 2011 and 2012, Oregon has finished ahead of them each of those years. More than that, Oregon's offense seemed to operate consistently in a gear that Baylor only did part of the time. Based on nothing but what I've seen this year against admittedly weaker opponents, Baylor appears to be reaping the fruits of better recruiting and operating at the same ludicrous speed of Oregon. Perhaps even faster.

Drive summary:

11:22 1 00:54 BAY 24 4 76 Passing Touchdown
07:28 1 00:51 BAY 16 5 83 Rushing Touchdown
05:08 1 01:16 BAY 47 7 53 Rushing Touchdown
02:11 1 01:07 BAY 11 3 89 Passing Touchdown
13:10 2 01:43 BAY 45 8 45 Rushing Touchdown
09:05 2 01:54 BAY 38 8 62 Rushing Touchdown
04:12 2 00:20 BAY 45 2 45 Rushing Touchdown
01:54 2 01:54 BAY 13 4 33 End of Half
15:00 3 01:04 BAY 25 5 75 Rushing Touchdown
11:02 3 02:10 BAY 10 4 23 Punt
07:30 3 00:45 BAY 20 4 20 Punt
04:44 3 03:44 BAY 28 8 16 Punt
11:51 4 01:29 BAY 20 4 80 Passing Touchdown
08:58 4 06:48 BAY 47 13 42 Turnover on Downs
00:19 4 00:19 BAY 31 1 -1 End of Half

FYI: Baylor's offense average 1:19 per touchdown scoring drive in the first quarter. Even the Flight of the Conchords think that's too fast!

Player of the game: In a game where many players had statistically absurd performances, I'm giving it to the player who made the most HOLY COW! plays. Here's to you, Lache Seastrunk! I have a feeling we'll be requesting many gifs of your outing today.

Sorry, Petty, but you had the same number of incompletions (3) as TDs (3) and that just doesn't hold up to RG3's standard of having more TD's than incompletions (2011-First 3 games: 13 TD's, 12 Inc). Better luck next week, mate!

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