The Ultimate Showdown: Who Runs the Lone Star State?

Texas. The best country state in the world. Bigger than every non-Russian European country. Home to a ranch bigger than some of the smaller states in America. Full of hot days, cold beers, and hard working folk. It's also pretty great at football. So much talent everywhere. From the 6 year olds playing little leagues all the way up to the professional ranks where more starting QBs are bred here than anywhere else. In a state this big and this awesome, competition abounds. Everyone wants to be top dawg. The Aggies (bless their little hearts) believe they run this state. I'll try to control my knee jerk reaction of uncontrolled laughter and deliver a fair and clearly unbiased breakdown of the major college football teams in this beautiful stretch of land we call The Lone Star State.

The Contenders:

I could do high schools and pro teams along with the college teams but I won't. And i'll stick to college teams in top 6 conferences (Big12, Sec, and American in this case) for the sake of not making this take all day.


Texas A&M



Texas Tech



The Criteria:

This showdown will be judged on 7 criteria, limited to the past 3 seasons (so as to include the year before and the 2 years since A&M got too big for their britches and thought they were above the Big 12). They are, Bowl Record, # of BCS Bowl Appearances, Heisman Winners, Conference Championships, Record against other teams in state, Home Record, and Badass-ness of Head Coach. The winner in each category will get 6 points, second will get 5, and so on meaning there are a possible 42 points for a FLAWLESS VICTORY.

Bowl Record:

Baylor - 2-1

Texas A&M - 3-0

Texas - 2-1

TCU - 1-1

Texas Tech - 3-0

Houston - 1-1

SMU - 2-0

Results: 1st) A&M/Texas Tech-6 points 2nd) SMU-5 points 3rd) Baylor/Texas-4 points 4th) UH/TCU-3 points

BCS Bowl Appearances:

Baylor: 1

Texas A&M: 0

Texas: 0

TCU: 0

Texas Tech: 0

Houston: 0

SMU: 0

Results: 1st) Baylor-6 points Not 1st) Everyone else-0 points

Heisman Winners:

Baylor: 1

Texas A&M: 1

Texas: 0

TCU: 0

Texas Tech: 0

Houston: 0

SMU: 0

Results: 1st) Baylor/Texas A&M-6 points Not 1st) Everyone Else-0 points

Conference Championships:

Baylor: 1

Texas A&M: 0

Texas: 0

TCU: 1

Texas Tech: 0

Houston: 0

SMU: 0

Results: 1st) Baylor/TCU-6 points Not 1st) Everyone Else-0 points

Record Against other Teams in State

Baylor: 11-3 (.786)-6

Texas A&M: 8-1 (.889)

Texas: 9-4 (.629)

TCU: 2-6 (.250)

Texas Tech: 7-7 (.500)

Houston: 9-2 (.818)

SMU: 5-10 (.333)

Results: 1st) Texas A&M-6 points 2nd) Houston-5 points 3rd) Baylor-4 points 4th) Texas-3 points 5th) Texas Tech-2 points 6th) SMU-1 point 7th) TCU-0 points

Home Record:

Baylor: 23-1 (.958)

Texas A&M: 14-8 (.636)

Texas: 13-5 (.722)

TCU: 9-9 (.500)

Texas Tech: 10-9 (.526)

Houston: 14-5 (.737)

SMU: 12-6 (.667)

Results: 1st) Baylor-6 points 2nd) Houston-5 points 3rd) Texas-4 points 4th) SMU-3 points 5th) Texas A&M-2 points 6th) Texas Tech-1 points 7th) TCU-0 points

Badass-ness of Head Coach (Scale of 1-10)

Baylor: Art Briles-10. The guy is basically Davy Crockett remember?

Texas A&M: Kevin Sumlin-7. He does have a helicopter and his offense did help Case Keenum break numerous NCAA Records but he's not very quotable. He gets a passing grade.

Texas: Charlie Strong-5. He just got to this state so I don't know much about him and his badass-ness. But being the first black coach at Texas, the only black coach in the Big 12 and winning 2 Big East championships is worthy of at least a few points.

TCU: Gary Patterson-2. Patterson did lead TCU to a Rose Bowl a few years back. But he called out TGCAB for being "classless" which is just about the least badass thing you could ever do. The laws of the street says "real recognizes real" Patterson didn't recognize.

Texas Tech: Kliff Kingsbury-8. That's one good looking man. And he rose to a head coaching job at a major school at just age 33. Pretty badass in my opinion.

Houston: Tony Levine-Incomplete. He's still trying to get it right after Kevin Sumlin left 2 years ago. I live in Houston and most people here know nothing about him.

SMU: June Jones-9. Being the first coach to lead SMU to relevance after the death penalty is pretty badass.

Results: 1st) Baylor-6 points 2nd) SMU-5 points 3rd) Texas Tech-4 points 4th) Texas A&M-3 points 5th) Texas-2 points 6th) TCU-1 point 7th) Houston-0 points


1st Baylor: 38 points

2nd Texas A&M: 23 points

3rd SMU: 14 points

4th Texas: 13 points

4th Texas Tech: 13 points

4th Houston: 13 points

7th TCU: 10 points

In the words of the great Jay-Z "numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard." Baylor, pretty comfortably, runs the great state of Texas when it comes to football. Sic Em Bears. #Big12Champs. #VivaRG3 #AllHailTGCAB #TexasForever #ThisIsOURState #DreamBigDreamBaylor

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