McLane Stadium? Seriously?

As you all know...

The rampaging speed demons we call a football team will have a new home in which to showcase their skills. The Baylor Bears will soon be gracing the Brazos with their Artistic (yes I just did that) brand of football brilliance at the $260 million dollar mad house soon to be known to the world as...McLane Stadium.

McLane Stadium is a good enough name, right? I mean Drayton McLane spent a lot of money for the thing. Seems fair to name it after him. But still, something is just missing from it. There's really nothing Baylor about it. The phrase "I can't wait to head to McLane Stadium for some football tonight" sounds like you could be talking about any team. The stadium in my hometown built for the high school kids is named Rhodes Stadium. I feel like if I asked people outide the Baylor bubble which is Rhodes and which is McLane a lot of people would think McLane is a stadium for high school kids. There are lots of stadiums named after people and that's just how it's gonna be. However, where college stadiums differentiate themselves is their nicknames. You know the Gators play in The Swamp, the Buckeyes play in The Horseshoe, Michigan plays in the Big House, Oregon plays in The Zoo. But Baylor plays in McLane Stadium? Meh. "There are no easy wins in The Swamp" is way cooler than "nobody just walks out of McLane Stadium with a win". There's nothing cool about calling it McLane. And Baylor Football (no matter what your dad remembers) is cool. This issue must be addressed. You may be wondering "how Lord Hinton? They already put McLane on top of the stadium. What can we do?" Well don't you worry. I have a proposal.

McLane Stadium, now and forever, should be known as The Chapel.

It works on so many levels.

First the most obvious, Baylor is a Baptist school and Jesus is a Baylor Bear fan. Calling our football stadium The Chapel would stand as a reminder of our school's commitment to Christian values and such. And is also a cool reference to that thing we all sat through as freshmen in Waco Hall (some of us came back as sophomores).

Second, it sounds pretty bad-ass. The movie Pulp Fiction taught me a lot of things, but probably the most useful lesson was when Samuel L Jackson made the bible bad ass in that glorious scene, you know the one. I'm just going to put a few quotes that could possibly come up if my proposal is put into action.

"You are looking live at The Chapel located right on the Brazos River in Waco, Texas"

"They are going absolutely crazy in The Chapel!!!"

"The Chapel is really rocking tonight!"

"The Bears do not lose games in The Chapel"


"Baylor Bears may have church on Sunday morning but they go to The Chapel on Saturday nights"

Think about it people. Don't let this opportunity go to waste. This must become a thing.

Unless y'all have better ideas. Drop em in the comments.

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