The Big 12 in Bill C's Updated 2014 S&P+ projections



Careful, Art. That sleeve looks like it's starting to creep down a little bit

This morning, Mark ported Bill C's updated S&P+ projections to ODB

I thought it might be fun, and a good source of discussion, to see what it would look like as a predictor of the race in the Big 12 this year. So, without further ado...

Big 12 Rank (S&P+ Rank)

1 (14) -- Yoooouuuurrrrrrr BAYLOR BEARS

2 (17) -- Oklahoma Sooners

3 (18) -- Oklahoma State Cowboys

4 (31) -- TCU Horned Frogs

5 (38) -- University of Texas Longhorns

6 (41) -- Kansas State Wildcats

7 (46) -- Texas Tech Red Raiders

8 (71) -- West Virginia Mountaineers

9 (80) -- Iowa State Cyclones

10 (104) -- Kansas Jayhawks

Some thoughts:

- Couldn't be happier to see the Bears leading the pack, here. With all the hand-wringing I'm prone to doing (esp. about our secondary next year), it's a helpful reminder that this team is still in better shape than probably any Baylor team previously. I mean, this is our first year to return a QB out of the last three, for cryin out loud!

- I said over on the Football Study Hall page, but I'll repeat it here: I'm not hating the idea that TCU could be the 4th best program in the Big 12, this year. I thought it was pretty laughable in their first year and even last year (with all the questions at QB, etc.), but I don't doubt Gary Patterson's coaching ability and I'm intrigued by the guys he's brought in to head up the offense. If that unit is even half-way serviceable this year, they could be a rather difficult match-up for several teams.

- Like Bill, I'm really shocked to see the way the Wildcats grade out via his metrics. I was ready to put them amongst the four teams (along with OU, OSU, and ourselves) who all had a better than average shot at winning the Big 12 this year. I guess I forgot that, once again, Snyder lost a TON of talent on D this off-season. Wonder if they'll have the same rough start this year?

- Really interested to see if the Red Raiders over-perform the numbers this year. They have a number of decent pieces in place, but the QB position seems like a ticking time-bomb. Despite the dismissive monicker, I've been impressed by what I've seen from Coach Bro, so far.

- If Connelly's numbers are right about WVU, this has to be Holgo's last year, right?

- If we didn't kill it last year, this year definitely puts an end to all the "Deepest league in the country" chatter.

- My best FakeDanBeebe impression:


So, what do you guys think? Anything you'd change about the list above?

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