Since the last SB Nation update (that I can find) was in 2012... you think we can look forward to a new layout/template for the 2014 football season at OurDailyBears?

Personally, my punchlist is:

  • More connected comments. As much as I don't like the layout and flow of, I do appreciate being able to connect a comment to a specific part of an article or picture. Especially for DBRs, it would be nice to be able to directly comment on a paragraph.
  • More connected features. Let's have a scoreboard and/or box score that automagically populates whenever there's a game on for our team that is trackable. As far as I've been able to tell, the only time this happens is when it gets manually added to an article. A "widget" (for lack of a better term) that just grabs that information would be nice.
  • Either do away with "Rec", or make it meaningful. Since I started frequenting the blog about a year ago, I've been a careless, free-spirited Rec'er of everything in sight. If you make me laugh or think, you're getting a rec. If I think you put a lot of time or effort into a story, you're getting a Rec. However, this appears to do nothing at all on the site. I don't know if it's supposed to give the editors feedback about what works and what doesn't, or what. It turns a comment green, and that's about it. Instead, why not make it more transparent across the SB Nation network so that there's some way to (quickly and easily) find the most Rec'd things that are relevant to me. That, or glue a "Rec" to a tweet/like/plus action.
  • Better mobile. Goes without saying that this is a necessity on a sports site, and SB's current mobile implementation is good, but could do a lot better, especially in the realm of comments. Comments on a tablet in a game thread are almost unusable. Tap targets are bad, and scrolling... the scrolling...
  • A fresh look. The whitespace is nice, but it seems like we could do better with keeping things readable, but more compact.
  • More Brian Nance.

Really, this is a vent post intended for the SB Nation big wigs, of course. Matt and Peter and Prash and Conner and Mark and Ted and Chuck and Kate and all the podcast people and all the awesome commenters make it worth the time... no matter what the template does.

Lame post engagement trick:
What would you do to up the game of ODB in the 2014 football season?

Oh, and please "Rec" this post. I'm not sure why, but do it anyway.

Fanposts on ODB are user-submitted and do not necessarily reflect the opinions/views of, SB, or any of the writers, editors, or contributors here.

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