Junior Day: The Players Love Baylor

Baylor had numerous recruits on campus today for Junior Day. Today was most certainly a good day.

Turns out that Baylor is very, very popular with the recruits. It could be the flashy uniforms, the fighter jet offense, or the hard-nose defense. It could be that $260+ million beauty that is opening on the banks of the Brazos in less than eight months. It could be the Heisman Trophy sitting on a pedestal in our facilities, or the newer Big 12 Champion trophy sitting next to it. I could write an entire article on why I think recruits (read: why I) love Baylor, but that isn't the point. The point is that whatever Baylor is doing, it is working. The overwhelmingly positive response from those who attended Baylor's Junior Day proves that.


I will try my best to accumulate a list of all that attended. If I leave one off, please post in the comments and I'll edit this list. All recruits are for 2015 unless otherwise specified.

3* WR John Humphrey

N/A SS Iyare Ojo

N/A WR Donta Thompson

3* Safety Kahlil Haughton

N/A CB Jared Mayden II (2016)

3* DE Charles Omenihu

N/A CB Jordan Tolbert

N/A CB Will Lockett

N/A Safety Deontay Anderson (2016)

N/A QB/WR Tony Nicholson

3* WR James Proche

3* DE Kingsley Keke

N/A Guard Abdul Beechum (I think 247 spelled his name wrong)

4* CB Holton Hill

4* RB Ronald Jones II

N/A OLB/RB Dylan Moses (2017)

4* DE Lames Lockhart

N/A QB Devin Smith

4* QB Jarrett Stidham

4/5* RB Soso Jamabo

Baylor Commit 3/4* ATH/QB Blake Lynch may or may not have been there.

I think that about wraps up the list, at least what I could find on Twitter. My initial reaction is shock. There was a heck of a lot of talent on campus today and there couldn't have been a better day for recruits to visit; the weather is gorgeous today.



Nothing to report...yet.

Reaction Tweets

Now, the fun part!

I'm not sure I can answer this without engaging in recruiting violations, but you can guess my answer.

I think Charles here liked Baylor.

These next two Tweets, in my opinion, apply to the University as a whole and are why I love Baylor:

Probably the most surprising thing today is that 3/4* WR Ryan Newsome visited A&M's Junior Day today, despite being 100% Baylor, according to 247's Crystal Ball.

Finally, for those of you who have a Bears Truth subscription check out their Reaction Thread.

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