Teaching an Old Bear New Tricks: A Primer on the New Basketball Traditions

Rico Gathers feeds off of the crowd's energy. And opponent's souls. - Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

"Baylor Basketball Does Not Get the Support It Deserves"

That was the theme of the Tip-Off Rally held in the SUB Bowl last night. Although the Man Bears have been to the Elite Eight twice in recent years and the Lady Bears have won two NCAA Championships twice in the last decade, it is very rare that the Ferrell Center actually sells out. Blame SING, blame Wednesday night games, blame whatever you want, it does not change the fact that Baylor Basketball has two very good teams taking the court night after night and those teams are not getting the support they deserve. Even the Lady Bears game on Monday versus #1 UConn did not sell-out!

Baylor Football: The Model

Say it with me now, "And that's another Baylor...FIRST DOWN!" If you have been to a football game this year, you know that every time Baylor earns a first down, the announcer comes on and says, "And that's another Baylor..." and the entire crowd responds, "FIRST DOWN!" along with the first down arm motion. But do you remember when the announcer used to say his line and only a few students in the Line would respond? Traditions take time to develop, but they have to start somewhere.

Baylor Football had some absolutely outstanding crowds this year. The BlackOUt crowd (or the crowd at the Texas game, depending on whom you ask) was perhaps the most exciting football crowd any of us have been a part of. This year, we saw what an entire crowd participating in unison actions can really do. "Kill" has spread from BUGWB and the Line to the entire student section (and further!); it truly is terrifying to witness. The aforementioned "First Down!" chant has become accepted. Floyd Casey suddenly became a place where opposing teams dreaded coming. Sure, the football team had a good deal to do with that, but much like Touchdown Tom, you cannot count out the influence a crowd can have on a game.

Why Not Basketball?

It is time for Baylor fans to show up to basketball games with the same enthusiasm that they bring to football games. In order to facilitate this, there were several new traditions proposed last night that will be implemented at the BlackOUt game this Saturday (which you should be at).

The Traditions:

Pre-game Introduction: This Saturday, there will be a special new intro video for the Men's Basketball team. I couldn't find the exact video, but here is one that is similar:

Michigan Basketball Intro

If you call yourself a sports fan, you know what to do when this song comes on the speakers. You jump around and shout, "Ooooh Oh Oh Oh Ooooh Oh!" The intro video will come on when the Bears come out of the locker room. I am not sure what the higher ups are hoping from this, but it is my hope that the fans in the Ferrell Center will continue jumping and shouting up until tip-off. Let us show the players on the court that their fans are here for them. The individual fan may not think that they have much of an influence on the game. They are wrong. The players on the court appreciate the support from fans more than you can know. I know I would be pumped up for a game if all the fans in the arena were jumping and screaming for me. Let's make it so.

Tip-off: Upon tip-off, a student in the Bear Pit will begin the "Baylor! Bears!" stadium chant. This chant will continue until the opposing team scores their first basket. Even if OU doesn't score for seven minutes on Saturday, the fans better be belting out "Baylor! Bears!" those entire seven minutes. Football (Soccer) fans in Europe can keep chants going the entire 90 minute game. Baylor fans can make it through a measly seven minutes!

Three pointers: There is a certain Canadian on our Men's team and a National Player of the Year candidate on our Women's team that are good at three pointers. Nothing, save rim-shattering dunks, gets the crowd amped up like a three pointer. Screaming and hollerin' are nice, but they don't match unison chanting in terms of volume. So, every time one of the players hits from downtown, the announcer will come on and say, "[Player name] for..." and the crowd will yell, "THREEEEE!!!" For example, when H3slip sinks his signature shot, the announcer will say, "Brady Heslip for..." and those in the arena will respond, "THREE!!!"

These new traditions may take off immediately or they may receive weird looks to start, but I implore you, the fan, to keep at it. The players on the court deserve a fan base commensurate with the quality of Basketball being played. Let's give the men and women who represent our fine university the support they deserve!


  • Come early. Be loud.
  • Seven Nation Army Intro - Jump around and chant.
  • Upon tip-off, begin the "Baylor! Bears!" stadium chant and do not stop until the opposing team has scored.
  • Any time a player makes a three pointer, the announcer will say, "[Player Name] for..." and the fans will respond, "THREE!!!"

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