Nick Florence Won't Enter the NFL Draft


Nick Florence has already thrown his last football for Baylor, but now we're learning that he won't be throwing footballs for anyone in the NFL.

While we all wait with bated breath for news of any kind concerning a couple of defensive linemen, David Smoak of ESPN Central Texas tweeted this a few minutes ago:

Sad news. Florence will be on the show at 3:45 PM CST. It's too bad, really. I thought he had a good shot at being a solid late round pick.

UPDATE: In his interview with David Smoak, he said, "I just decided that the NFL just wasn't for me. I felt like I was more excited about life after football."

He acknowledged that he probably wouldn't ever start but that he would most likely make a team if he put his mind to it. He made his decision about a week ago, but waited to finalize it until talking with Coach Briles once he came back from the recruiting trail. He said he thought about hiring an agent, treating the decision like he was already planning to play in the NFL. Ultimately, though, he felt it was best to move on from football. He didn't really go into any specifics on what he's planning on doing next, though.

In looking back at his time at Baylor, he stated that he was never about the individual accolades or awards, but wanted to be remembered as a team-first guy. That's a major understatement. He cemented his legacy as an unselfish player when he burned his redshirt without a second thought in the Tech game in 2011 when Robert Griffin III went down with concussion-like symptoms. When the season outlook looked bleak after four straight losses in 2012, Florence helped lead the Bears to five wins out of the last six games, including a trouncing of then number 1 ranked Kansas State. He surpassed RGIII's single-season passing record during the rout of UCLA at the Holiday Bowl.

Godspeed, Nick. We know you'll be successful in everything you do, and you'll always have a special place in the hearts of Bears fans everywhere.

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