Why I Love The 2012 Intro Video

I've watched the 2012 Intro Video at least a dozen times. "Seven Nation Army" has been stuck in my head for several days now. It's catchy, flashy, and gets you pumped up, like any excellent intro video is supposed to. But beyond the visceral experience of getting me psyched for Baylor football, I think the video perfectly embodies my thoughts on this year's Bears.

Last year was amazing. Arguably the best season in Baylor Football history, at the very least in the top two or three. It definitely sported the greatest football player in Baylor's history in Robert Griffin III. Kendall Wright and Terrance Ganaway are ranked up there with the all-time best wide receivers and running backs for the school also. Losing those three left the nation assuming that our Bears would soon return to their place as "Scrubby little Baylor." Their logic said we'd lost three of the best players in school history, so there's no chance we'll be any good. But we know better.

The video personifies this feeling for me. It opens with the muted tones of the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army (as remixed by The Glitch Mob) and a logo that consists of a silhouette of Art Briles emblazoned with the words "Baylor Football." It may seem like a strange choice, but it's perfect for the video's message. Briles is the Architect of the Baylor Football Renaissance. Next, we see the recent greats of Baylor football in stylized, blown out images. We see Jason Smith, Danny Watkins, Phil Taylor, Kendall Wright, and Robert Griffin III. Our first round draft picks. Baylor's best and brightest... But Baylor's past. The video shimmers and is seemingly torn apart by Ahmad Dixon in full, vibrant high definition video and the ratcheted-up strains of Seven Nation Army.

What follows is highlights of current Bears, and current Bears only. No RGIII, no Wright, no Ganaway. The video doesn't show the old guard, because they are the past. This is all Terrance Williams, Lanear Sampson, KJ Morton, Mike Hicks, Joe Williams, Sam Holl, Nick Florence, and Jared Salubi. No longer do we need to look to the past to revel in the glory days of Baylor football. These are the torchbearers of Baylor football's future. And the future is bright indeed.

A friend of mine commented that he was disappointed by the video because it was so short. He's right, it is short. It's short because the highlights shown are from last year's team. There's definitely plenty to choose from, but I think that it was deliberately kept short because these highlights are still Baylor's past. What would be spectacular would be to see them add to this video each week with the highlights from the previous game, so that the video gets a little longer each time we see it. We'll see new players step up and make the big plays as Baylor's future is written before our very eyes.

So there you have it. To me, this video is the perfect personification of how I see the future of Baylor football. We have our greats and we celebrate them. But our success is no longer tied to those greats. New greats will now emerge. New legends will be written. The future is now.

Baylor Football: 2012 Intro (via BaylorAthletics)

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