Sunday Morning Notes: ULM Week Schedule

Sep 15, 2012; Waco, TX, USA; Baylor Bears students root for their team as they face the Sam Houston State Bearkats during the fourth quarter at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Bears defeated the Bearkats 43-28. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

With the ULM game a day early this coming week (and on national television, no less), both the ODB community and the Baylor fanbase at large face an abbreviated schedule. Luckily, I don't think it should change things too much for ULM preparation; the aftermath of the SHSU game will instead face the bulk of the squeeze.

Here's how I think this is going to work out for me, at least:

  • Today, I'll devote my time and energy to discussing last night's game in detail. I'll focus on the statistics from the matchup and a postmortem of important events/players. Hopefully, I can enlist the help of ODB's trusty contributors for the same Grades Report that was so popular last time.
  • Monday, we'll start out with the BlogPoll ballot like we do every week. If possible, Colby will also share with us the Baylor Line Report from the SHSU game. FootballOutsiders' advanced statistics should be updated by that point to give us a better idea of what we face this Friday night and where we stand, so there may be some discussion of this week's results in the context of preparing for the Warhawks.
  • Tuesday, I'll post the Game Day, a regular feature with all the basic news and information people might need to watch, listen to, or attend the game in Monroe, Louisiana. We should also have the BlogPoll results from SB Nation back, and those are always fun. (Put me on record as saying that Baylor doesn't make it this week). I'm also planning on doing a Q&A with the ULM Rivals site that day since the Warhawks don't yet have an SB Nation blog.
  • Wednesday, I'll post the official preview/prediction thread as I do every week. I'm also hoping, and this is a bit of news, to have the first official ODB podcast ready to go that evening. If Pras and I can get together to record it earlier in the week, that is.
  • Thursday, the eve of the game, I don't really have anything planned of substance. This past week we had enough going on outside the scope of football that it wasn't really an issue. If you have any ideas for something you'd like to see as a regular Thursday feature, I'm all ears.
  • Friday, well, that's Game Day. I'll have every update I can find and, of course, the official Game Thread that evening. Like I said, the game is slated for a national broadcast on ESPN at 7 PM, so I'll see you guys here at 6.

This is just a schedule of what I consider "regular" features involving the ULM game alone. All of the other content here at ODB including Daily Bears Reports, recruiting information, and everything else, will still occur. Contributors reading this, don't think I'm trying to limit you in any way. You are absolutely entitled to do as you wish. Now if only Baylor Athletics would upload the highlight video from last night to give us something fun to watch...

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