Penn State Transfer Rumors

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon after news broke about the extent of the Penn State penalties, specifically the fact that players would be allowed to transfer immediately without having to sit out or losing a year of eligibility, that we as Baylor fans might need a place to track the rumors swirling about those potential transfers. Only one player, junior RB Silas Redd, has been identified by the media by name as being interested in transferring (so far), but I suspect it's only a matter of time. Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien told the media just after noon today that he had not yet spoken with any players about transferring yet, confirming that this may be a process that takes a little while to get going.

Still, rumors abound that colleges across the country have already contacted or will contact Penn State in order to talk to current players (as the rules say the schools must to initiate contact themselves). Multiple reports are also out there saying that current players are reaching out, as well, to find the best possible landing spots to continue their careers.

This is getting long, so I added a jump...

Here's the latest Baylor-related tweet I've found about the possibility of Penn State transfers. It also confirms the transfer of Mike Orakpo, brother to Redskins' DE Brian Orakpo, that I mentioned last night in the Gus Penning thread.

I'm going to reserve my immense, budding excitement until we get confirmation of any individual players from someone willing to go on the record (even if it is twitter) with the news. I will say, though, that the rumor stemming from BaylorFans last night about Jordan Hill, Penn State's senior DT who was honorable mention All-Big Ten last year might have legs to it. I initially dismissed it as baseless, but apparently I was wrong.

I'll update this thread going forward with any information that becomes available about possible transfers, even if they don't involve Baylor. If you see something, feel free to post about it in the comments so we can get as much info as possible.

UPDATE: I was curious if players could stay at PSU this season and then transfer afterward or if this was a one-time deal. I was fairly sure they could, and here's the answer:

Penn State football student-athletes can decide to transfer from now until the 2013 season (before participating in preseason practice with Penn State) and play immediately at the new school.


Student-athletes who transfer during the 2012 season and have not competed for Penn State during that season will be immediately eligible for competition upon transfer, provided they are admitted under the normal process and are otherwise eligible per NCAA regulations. Student-athletes who transfer during the 2012 season after having competed for Penn State will not be eligible for competition during the same season at the next institution.

Seems to eliminate the previously-established deadline of August 6 by allowing students to leave if they haven't played. They can leave in training camp (no games) or any point up until they step on the field in a live game.

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